Free time in Gdanks and how to spend it? Wait, do MathMods international students actually have free time finally? Oops I don’t speak Polish – how to stay connected? The answers to exactly these questions are here for you! Contributor: Veronica [Costa Rica] & Gautham [India]   How to stay connected […]

Free time activities for international students in Gdansk

Public transport in Gdansk, Oops how do I get to Gdansk and how to get around? Vero and Gautham went through these too Contributor: Veronica [Costa Rica] & Gautham [India] Vero: Congratulations on making it to your second year of MathMods! Gdańsk is beautiful city on the north coast of Poland, […]

Mathmods student life in Gdansk – transport & how to ...

Gautham’s brilliant oops collection discusing issues when studying in Gdansk does not need introduction (many thanks ragazzo!). “So, basically I was asked to talk about Gdansk and experience in Gdansk and well I thought I should talk about my oops moments and here we go!” Contributor: Gautham [India]   Oops I […]

Mathmods student life in Gdansk – Oops Moments Before Arrival

Internship master thesis Nice
lfEver wondered about how is it to study in a holiday destinatio? This article from Hindol, and another one about students living in Nice from Hindol will surely give you a better idea! Thanks guys. Contributor: Duy [Vietnam] The MathMods semester in Nice isn’t exactly the fun semester one would expect after […]

MathMods studying & living in Nice

Internship master thesis Nice
International student life comes with challenges and the master thesis is definitely one of the top 3. Many thanks Hindol & Duy, for these great summaries about internship possibilities in Nice! Also make sure you check Hildol’s oppinion too! Contributor: Duy [Vietnam] Forgive me for being brutally honest here. This will be […]

Internship – Master Thesis in Nice by Duy

Public transport Barcelona
Faleminderit Thimjo, for these short useful public transport info about Barcelona. For everyone that studies in this great city   Contributor: Thimjo [Albania]   What type of ticket? There are no student tickets, although there are some trimester ones, which for people at most 25 years old are cheaper. Now you […]

Public transport in Barcelona