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Having similar – or completely different – experience?

I believe this is a great place to share part of your life in foreign language with the world.

Me and my readers are interested in any experience you had with Erasmus or similar exchange program, weather it was GOOD or BAD, weather it was in your own town or abroad, usefull links are welcomed too. You can find my contact details here.

Don’t worry about grammar.

And don’t forget: without you, there will be one article less for the others to enjoy and take advice from. Without you, this page can not proceed helping in this way.

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A crazy happy hard-working passionate traveller, mathematician, yoga fan and cocker lover. Welcome to my world of a lame blogger, that didn't hire anyone to help to start with and is now going through all this fails and bails.. And as well welcome to this public piece of myself, where I keep my updates about travelling through living a happy life - mostly in a foreign language.

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