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As a part of this blog, me and few friends have decided to have this Unofficial MathMods and InterMaths blog with separate topics depending on the city, to try to help you. To find inspiration, minimize confusion, to cheer you up when you need it.

We all understand every day is a challenge, a sitcom or a tragedy, if you live your life in foreign language. There is no normal day, and that’s the good thing

For most of us living in multicultural society has been the greatest change of our lifes. We love how it influences us, how it confuses us and makes us freak out from time to time. Different people deal with staying abroad in a different way. For some of us there has never been a proper cultural shock for but we all did feel down, broken, depressed. Living international is the one thing, that makes you different from all the other people that decided to stay at home. It is not easy. But leaving the comfort zone of your country, for an Erasmus Exchange, a master abroad, or forever, is the most exciting thing in your life. It makes you face your biggest fears, it makes you more confident, open minded, tolerant. Simply more international.

Welcome, we’re so glad you stopped by!

Mathmods intermaths blog international studentsThis is the unofficial page of MathMods and InterMaths written by students, for students. If you are an Erasmus Student in L’Aquila, Nice, Hamburg, Barcelona or Gdansk, this might be relevant for you too! Here you can find articles concerning different aspects of the program, from academic to daily lives in the cities. Besides that you can also get some ideas about: visa issues, finding housing in the 2nd year, academic advises, transportation, and many more.


Hope you find here all you need; and if not, please send us a message. We are always happy to see more article ideas.


This articles are purely based on our student experience. They are by NO mean connected to the organisation comitee, nor the universities. Photo was taken durring Erasmus meeting in Hamburg.

Thank you, dear Erasmus Mundus Alumini, for your passion and help with this section.



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