Studying abroad is great. We all know about it. Meeting new people, making friends all around the world, discovering new places, experiencing different cultures and all of this while getting your degree. Sounds like a dream, right? Contributor: Krystyna However, as everything in this life, studying abroad has two sides, […]

The other side of studying abroad

An amazing place, the best I have seen durring my nearly 2 years in Abruzzo. We have discovered this place thanks to our first Mathmods trip and came back here many many times more after. Rocca Calascio is also called as the castle in the sky. It is hard to describe its beauty. Stunning, […]

Rocca Calascio

No reason to stay is a good reason to go
V živote každého sú isté zlomové momenty, ktoré nasmerujú náš život. O niektorých z nich vieme, respektíve tušíme (ako keď som meškala na hodinu portugalčiny, lebo som doporučene podávala na pošte v dlhej rade svoju prihlášku na erasmus mundus program), niektoré z nich zistíme až časom (ako keď sme si v […]

Kam ďalej?

one day
My few angry points about that life in L´Aquila can sometime be too foreign and leaving Italy is not a bad thing. Or, at least, why was the life in Italy sometime too foreign for me. First part of packing done, nearly ready to go. Feelings? No hard feelings. I am not […]

Why leaving Italy is sometimes not a bad thing

No reson to stay is a good reason to go
Have I mentioned I have a great job? Well, I have a great job. I have the sweetest boss ever and the best colleagues in the world. Am I exaggerating? No. Is it my first job? No. By the way, the previous one was also fine. (I wished I was paid […]

Sunday summer Rome trip