Studying in Hamburg

Living in Hamburg when studying, writing your thesis or doing an internship. Some hints and advice on Hamburg life and how to get the most of your Hamburg experience. This time from Cam – thank you! Contributor: Cameron [Canada] Moin Moin! One thing you may discover about yourselves in the fourth […]

Hamburg life: Hints (not only) for the 2th semester

Today another article supporting the Unofficial MathMods & InterMaths package. Hamburg is a great place to live. Green, multicultural and HUGE. Jorge wrote down some tips and info you will find useful when getting around and searching for the right means of transport. Muchas gracias Jorge! Contributor: Jorge [Mexico] Missing Italy […]

Hamburg and it’s great means of transport?

Contributor: Philip [USA] Are you addicted to coffee? Did you order a cappuccino in Hamburg and were repulsed by how horrific the liquid-like thing tasted? Or do you miss sitting down at a cafe, soaking in the warm atmosphere and people watching as the day go by? Hamburg has its charms; […]

Hamburg for Coffee addicts: favourite places

Thalia Exterior
When it comes to culture and music, Hamburg definitely has much to offer. And as Philip proved, it is not just The Lion King Musical – many thanks! Contributor: Philip [USA] You’ve made it to Hamburg, congrats! Worry not, this semester is far lighter than the last one. What to do […]

Music in Hamburg – Not just The Lion King