Studying in Gdansk

Gautham’s brilliant oops collection discusing issues when studying in Gdansk does not need introduction (many thanks ragazzo!). “So, basically I was asked to talk about Gdansk and experience in Gdansk and well I thought I should talk about my oops moments and here we go!” Contributor: Gautham [India]   Oops I […]

Mathmods student life in Gdansk – Oops Moments Before Arrival

How does the student accommodation in Gdansk work? Today two opinions that will give you better idea about the housing situation and weather previous students preferred dorms (dormitories) or a student flat. Gracias Vero! Contributor: Veronica [Costa Rica] Where to live Prior to arriving to Gdansk the international office will contact you with offers in the […]

Searching for student accommodation in Gdansk

polish student visa
Getting around when being an international student is very easy if  you come from the European Union. And if not? Tips and advice on how to apply for a polish student visa came from Vero – Muchas gracias! Contributor: Veronica [Costa Rica] Anywhere else but Poland Legalizing your Stay in Gdańsk […]

How to apply for Polish student visa