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In terms of actual extra activities, it’s rather inaccessible in the first semester, not least because staying afloat is challenging enough. If you’re new reading this, just stay low for now. Make cake, take long walks, have a nice meal with friends. On to the second year, possibilities open up. Course […]

Making the most out of MathMods – Part II

I’ve had my preconception of grad school before entering MathMods, and I’m sure many of us did. Grad school is supposed to be difficult, intensive, and cold. But I also expected there to be a life outside of lectures — an opportunity for growth in leadership, community involvement, and others. At […]

Making the most out of MathMods – Part I

Although L’Aquila isn’t one of the major cities, it boasts quite a respectable scene for classical music. Not unusually does it attract top musicians to perform. Over the two years we’ve been here, this city has seen András Schiff, Angela Hewitt, and Rainer Honeck, just to name a few. I can […]

Classical Music in L’Aquila
4AM. Earthquake, magnitute 6.3. Messages, phone calls, chaos. When you wake up at night and everything is shaking it scares the hell out of you. You realise you are in the middle of an earthquake and all the stories from 2009 seem so familiar to you. All the pictures from 2009 […]

Life in an active earthquake zone

  Studying abroad is great. We all know about it. Meeting new people, making friends all around the world, discovering new places, experiencing different cultures and all of this while getting your degree. Sounds like a dream, right? Contributor: Krystyna However, as everything in this life, studying abroad has two sides, […]

The other side of studying abroad

I just received this article form a contributor today, exactly 4 years after I arrived to Pizzoli to start MathMods..  Every one has their own ideas and the way of how to handle your first semester abroad.  This made me think about those months for quite a while.. Following article might seem to be […]

How I (should have) handled the first semester. PART 1