4AM. Earthquake, magnitute 6.3. Messages, phone calls, chaos. When you wake up at night and everything is shaking it scares the hell out of you. You realise you are in the middle of an earthquake and all the stories from 2009 seem so familiar to you. All the pictures from 2009 […]

Life in an active earthquake zone

Here is a list of the Rome – L’Aquila transport possibilities and options that connect Rome city center/airport with other cities and towns in the reagion of Abruzzo. Firstly, the choice of your public transport depends on if your destination is Rome in general (as for, theses meeting @, one day Roma […]

How to get from L’Aquila to Rome airport or Rome ...

L’Aquilas train station is located under the ROIO hill (there is another university building at ROIO hill, remember?). It has few ticket machines, accessible all day long, and a pair of ticket selling points, that are open mostly only in the morning. Don’t expect people to understand english, however, if you […]

Trains to-from L’Aquila

Musím vás vopred upozorniť, tento post má jemný nádych chvastania.. a ja sa za to, samozrejme, patrične hanbím.. No, ale k veci, možno to niekoho motivuje! Kedysi dávno, keď som dostávala 4ky z ľahkých písomiek zo slovíčok z angličtiny, mala som dvanásť a moja oficiálna výhovorka bola, že na cudzie jazyky […]

Piaty cudzí jazyk

An amazing place, the best I have seen durring my nearly 2 years in Abruzzo. We have discovered this place thanks to our first Mathmods trip and came back here many many times more after. Rocca Calascio is also called as the castle in the sky. It is hard to describe its beauty. Stunning, […]

Rocca Calascio