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Blog Life in foreign language is written by a crazy happy 25 years old .. me

Me, that still believes that you should learn foreign language, that everything can be better if we try a bit, that life begins at the end of our confort zone (so make sure you challange yourself a lot!), that a smile on your face can always change everything (so you should smile often!!) and that life is much happier with a doggie friend. I mean, with a cocker spaniel.

Walking through this life meeting friends and new people and running between my two universities – job – writing articles – tutoring languages and dogs, (sometimes) doing my best not to kill my boyfriend. BAH, those times.. I have graduated now!

UPDATE: Walking through this life meeting friends & new people and enjoying working in Italy on an International MSc Programme. You can also find me running between blogging – tutoring languages – dogs, (still) doing my best not to kill my boyfriend.

rocca calascioBorn in Slovakia, living abroad for more then 3 years now, changing destinations, first time alone abroad experience at the age of 14. Loving taking pictures, loving blogging and travelling. Loving this life, that by a time became my life in foreign language.

I have been lucky to meet amazing people since I was born and I am very proud to say that some of my friends will also be helping me here, with their amazing stories.

One of aims of Life in foreign language is to create a blog with different Erasmus experiences, abroad studying stories and life changing experiences. And you know what, I love travelling, I love challenges!

Having something interesting to share? Join us! It would be my pleasure.

Have a wonderful time reading!


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A crazy happy hard-working passionate traveller, mathematician, yoga fan and cocker lover. Welcome to my world of a lame blogger, that didn't hire anyone to help to start with and is now going through all this fails and bails.. And as well welcome to this public piece of myself, where I keep my updates about travelling through living a happy life - mostly in a foreign language.

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