An amazing place, the best I have seen durring my nearly 2 years in Abruzzo. We have discovered this place thanks to our first Mathmods trip and came back here many many times more after. Rocca Calascio is also called as the castle in the sky. It is hard to describe its beauty. Stunning, […]

Rocca Calascio

Free time in Gdanks and how to spend it? Wait, do MathMods international students actually have free time finally? Oops I don’t speak Polish – how to stay connected? The answers to exactly these questions are here for you! Contributor: Veronica [Costa Rica] & Gautham [India]   How to stay connected […]

Free time activities for international students in Gdansk

Public transport in Gdansk, Oops how do I get to Gdansk and how to get around? Vero and Gautham went through these too Contributor: Veronica [Costa Rica] & Gautham [India] Vero: Congratulations on making it to your second year of MathMods! Gdańsk is beautiful city on the north coast of Poland, […]

Mathmods student life in Gdansk – transport & how to ...

Gautham’s brilliant oops collection discusing issues when studying in Gdansk does not need introduction (many thanks ragazzo!). “So, basically I was asked to talk about Gdansk and experience in Gdansk and well I thought I should talk about my oops moments and here we go!” Contributor: Gautham [India]   Oops I […]

Mathmods student life in Gdansk – Oops Moments Before Arrival

Internship master thesis Nice
lfEver wondered about how is it to study in a holiday destinatio? This article from Hindol, and another one about students living in Nice from Hindol will surely give you a better idea! Thanks guys. Contributor: Duy [Vietnam] The MathMods semester in Nice isn’t exactly the fun semester one would expect after […]

MathMods studying & living in Nice

Internship master thesis Nice
International student life comes with challenges and the master thesis is definitely one of the top 3. Many thanks Hindol & Duy, for these great summaries about internship possibilities in Nice! Also make sure you check Hildol’s oppinion too! Contributor: Duy [Vietnam] Forgive me for being brutally honest here. This will be […]

Internship – Master Thesis in Nice by Duy

Public transport Barcelona
Faleminderit Thimjo, for these short useful public transport info about Barcelona. For everyone that studies in this great city   Contributor: Thimjo [Albania]   What type of ticket? There are no student tickets, although there are some trimester ones, which for people at most 25 years old are cheaper. Now you […]

Public transport in Barcelona